History of our Sister Cities

Rueil-Malmaison, France: Our First Sister City

Because of Lynchburg’s strong business connections to France and the large number of French speaking residents, it was decided to first seek a sister city in France. Late in 1995, Sister Cities International informed Sister City of Lynchburg – Plus, that Rueil-Malmaison, France was looking for a sister city in the United States and was considering five other possible cities for a match. A delegation from Rueil was invited to Lynchburg in November, 1995. They were greatly impressed with the Central Virginia area and the hospitality extended to them. In March 1996, a group from Lynchburg traveled to Rueil and by the end of their visit, they had a commitment for a sister city match.In July, 1996, a group of 150 residents of Central Virginia, accompanied by reporters from the local newspaper and TV station, traveled to France. On July the Fourth, they met in Rueil to mark the official linking of the two cities. There were representatives of the arts, education, religion, businesses and government. A second proclamation signing ceremony took place on this side of the Atlantic on September 22, 1996, at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest. A large delegation from Rueil traveled to Central Virginia for this occasion and a week’s visit in the area. Since 1996, Sister City of Lynchburg – Plus has worked to develop a strong relationship between the people of Rueil-Malmaison and Central Virginia, and to promote and coordinate exchanges. There have been several exchanges in the areas of sports, education, arts and culture, small businesses and economic development. A group of fifteen visited from Rueil in October 2010 to celebrate our tenth anniversary as sister cities and in 2012 members of Lynchburg Sister City-Plus visited their friends in Rueil and enjoyed a wonderful time.


Our Second Sister City: Glauchau, Germany

Having success with Rueil, in 2001, Sister City of Lynchburg–Plus began exploring to find a sister city in Germany. Manfred Mibus led the search and after three years of searching and discussions with four possible cities, the U. S. State Department informed us that Glauchau, Germany was looking for a sister city in the United States.

A delegation from Sister City of Lynchburg–Plus, visited Glauchau in September 2004. Other visits followed between the two cities, resulting in the twinning of Lynchburg and Glauchau in Lynchburg on April 30, 2007. Vice Mayor Bert Dodson and his wife Theresa visited Glauchau in the fall of 2009 for a celebration in Glauchau. Meanwhile several student exchanges have taken place between Lynchburg and Glauchau alternating yearly. One year Glauchau students will come to our city, while the following year Lynchburg students will travel to Germany. So this year, 2013 is the year for the students from EC Glass and Heritage to visit Glauchau.

Numerous visits have taken place since the beginning of our relationship. Visits by individuals, families, members of the fire and police departments and other officials have contributed to enrich our lives and increased our horizon and cultural experiences in a very positive way.

The Sister City program provides unlimited possibilities and opportunities for groups and individuals throughout Central Virginia to learn more about the world and its people, and to foster friendship and understanding. We look forward to future exchanges with both of our sister cities and invite the people of Lynchburg to join us.

.Board of Directors 2017 / 2018
sistercities1.jpgJuly 1996 - Signing Ceremony in Rueil;
   Rueil mayor: Jaques Baumel
    Lynchburg mayor: Jim Whittaker

2_History_page.jpgOctober 2006: Visitors from Rueil on a
tour of historic Point of Honor

3_History_page.jpgApril 2007: Celebration of twinning
between Glauchau and Lynchburg
Glauchau Deputy mayor: Andreas Weber
Lynchburg mayor: Joan Foster