Why Join Sister City

Here’s what some of our members and visitors have to say about their experiences:


“I believe the opportunity for individuals to get to know citizens of another country, not as tourists, but as friends, is extremely important. Because we stay in private homes, we get to know people and their ways of life in a way no ordinary tourist ever can”.

Mary Babbitt, past president on the importance of the Sister City program

“It was a bit of a challenge for the non-English speaking French and the non-French speaking Americans to pick the right words for one another to understand. But once that barrier was overcome, the language was all the same. We each other had the opportunity to share with our friends events in our lives that sometimes seemed unfamiliar. While an ocean separates us from day-to-day personal contact, because of the bonds that we share as members of one of the world’s greatest profession, there will forever be brotherhood between those sister cities.

Jason Campbell, Lynchburg firefighter speaking about a firefighter exchange with Rueil-Malmasion

Only by entering their culture and making friends and experiencing life with our new friends could we learn as we did.”
Beth Dunn – Parent/chaperone who went on student trip to Glauchau, April, 2006

The primary philosophy and motivation of Sister City organizations is to connect our world not only in terms of learning about other cultures and lifestyles, but more importantly to develop personal relationships and lasting friendships with our counterparts in other countries. The trip to Rueil-Malmaison accomplished this goal and then some!!
Beth Ulrich - Member of the Lynchburg group, visiting Rueil, October 2012

.Board of Directors 2017 / 2018
Students and their teachers from Glauchau visiting Lynchburg October 2012