logonew-small.jpgNewsletter:  December 2016

Dear Members,

the year comes to an end and it's a good time to have a look back.
2016 was a relatively quiet year. We gathered for the General Assambly in February and reelected the Board of Directors. In April we participated the first time in the International Festival held at the Bluff Walk downtown Lynchburrg. Unfortunately the weather was in no one's favor but we could show off our new banner.
The spring picnic at the Szymczyks in June was a lot of fun and we could verify that we will have 4 guests representing the City of Glauchau coming in October for 2 weeks.
But first it was Fundraiser Day at the Lynchburg Community Market in Augaust and it was quite a success again. Here one more time a big thank you to all the participants.

The visit of the Fire fighters was memorable. Both parties had a great time. Our guests exchanged their work experience with the colleges over here, learned about the Amemrican way of life and probably saw more of Lynchburgs attributes than a local resident does.

We ended the year with another beautiful Christmas Party at the home of the Beverlys. Please view the pictures of the event here on our web site.
To all a very merry Christmas,

P.S. Please mark your calendar for the annual membership meeting on January 30, 2017

                                              Newsletter October - November 2016


First let me tell you about the visit of the guests from our Sister City in  Germany, Glauchau / Saxony.

Let me introduce the 4 gentlemen , from left to right


Marcus Steinhart              City o.G. / Head of Dept. Civil Serv. / School / youth

Uwe Clemens                    Chief of volunteer Fire Dept.

                  Mayor Joan Foster

Jochen Glös                      Club Chairman of volunteer Fire Dept.

Robby Puttin                     Machinist , member of the board



The visitor’s arrived on Sunday, 10/9 at DC / Dulles Airport and were picked up by R. Szcymczyk , arrived in Lynchburg in the early evening. They had reservation for the first night at the Holiday Inn Downtown, were greeted there by Angela and Manfred. Monday morning they had breakfast at the Hotel, Joanna Beverly joined the group and Angela and Manfred. The guests had time before moving in at Station #1. It was used to have the first tour in Lynchburg. They went to visit the Legacy Museum and the Old City Cemetery.

They stayed the next 4 days with the Fire Department, had a chance to see the facilities and work of the local fire fighters. On Tuesday 10/11 the group attended the City Council meeting and presented a letter from the Lord Mayor P. Dressler to Mayor J. Foster and handed gifts to all Council members. The Fire Department treated them in the next days also to a visit in historic Appomattox and the D-Day Memorial.

President Bert Dodson took them under his wings and the first Friday they were invited to watch a local  foot ball game and moved out of Station #1. On Saturday 10/15 the five of them got on a van and traveled to Baltimore and Washington, DC for an exciting long weekend of sightseeing and fun. On the way back they traveled the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway and visit the Lurray Caverns.

On Tuesday 10/18 they were welcomed back in Lynchburg by the new hosts and a few board members and enjoyed a Hamburger night at the “Stony Badger”. The Pest’s took home Jochen and Marcus, the Greevers drove off with Uwe and Robby. The guests would stay with them the rest of the week.

A full program was prepared for the 4 days. They had the opportunity to tour the Water Treatment Plant, the City Schools of EC Glass and Heritage High School, the Library, and Liberty University. They spend time at the Parks, the Mall and different other shopping areas. They visited the new Animal Shelter of the Lynchburg Humane Society and had fun at the lively Saturday Community Market. They were treated for Lunch at various places, not to forget the “Weenie Stand” off of Memorial Avenue.

The membership had the chance to meet our visitors at an “Oktoberfest” at the Sander’s back yard, beautiful warm weather made it a great evening with good food in a great location. Unfortunately it was already time to say goodbye and a last evening at the Mibus’ ended their visit.       

 On Sunday 10/23 they gathered at the home of the Dodson’s , packed up and drove off to meet the plane at Dulles Airport for their flight back to Germany.

A heartfelt thank you to all that helped to make this visit a success. It was a great event and Sister City was happy to have them. A future visit for the Lynchburg fire fighters to Glauchau is in the works for 2017.

We welcome our new member David Jackson with wife Gabrielle. He is one of our fire fighters who would like to be part of that group.


Please view our web site www.lynchburgsistercity.org for an abundance of pictures showing most of their activities while in town.



LYNCHBURG LIVING  ( titled  Back to school )


Just in case you missed it …

the September – October addition of the popular Lynchburg Magazine is still in  the stands. Have a look at the pages 89 – 95. You find a nice article by Suzanne Ramsay about our Lynchburg Sister City organization and may want to read up about Glauchau.





We just celebrated Halloween….. that means Christmas is not to far !

Please mark your calendar for the annual

     CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday, December 10 from 6:30 to 9pm   

at the lovely home of Walter and Joanna Beverly, 3904 Peakland Place


Look for a reminder and more details in the beginning of December.


Fondly, Angela  384-5186.






Our guests from Glauchau



On top of the Lynchburg Water Treatment Plant

Time to say goodbye

         Glauchau / Germany