badge.png           Newsletter: June / July 2017


Dear Members, 

Summer is upon us and that meant time for a picnic.


The Szymczyks graciously invited all members last Saturday, June 17 to get together at their beautiful shaded terrace to enjoy good company and delicious foods. The table was filled with Pork Tenderloin, Fried Chicken , and Brats as well as German potato salad and many fine side dishes and desserts members brought along.

Dick Niles documented all in form of pictures, thank you! Look for all of them at our web site

President Bert Dodson greeted the group and gave an update of coming events.


The next important event is the Sister City fundraiser at the Lynchburg Community Market                                      on Saturday, August 19 from 9 to 2 o’clock.

Angela will look for bakers and cooks to contribute to the selection of foods. Let’s make it even        better than last year !



On a sad note…….


I like to mention it again that our friend and mentor Frank Britt

passed away on May 23 after a knee surgery at Duke University Hospital.


Frank  Britt was instrumental in founding Sister City of Lynchburg more than 20 years ago. As a true Francophile his first interest was in relationship with France and a proclamation was signed with Rueil Malmaison in October 1996.

He further encouraged Manfred Mibus to look for a 2nd Sister City in Germany and in April 2007 a proclamation was signed with Glauchau / Saxony.

We thank him for the initiative and will always remember him as a great humanitarian. He loved people and no one was a stranger.




Last October we had the 20th anniversary.

An invitation was sent to Monsieur P. Ollier, Mayor of Rueil Malmaison And we are happy to announce that a delegation will come to Lynchburg October 23-29 of this year.

Francoise Watts will prepare a celebratory event at that time.

We are very much looking forward to welcome the guests from France.


GLAUCHAU / Germany

I told you the interesting story …….

A gentleman in Hamburg / Germany found 8 small books about Lynchburg and its history while he was visiting the home of his mother. He does not recall and could not find out any connection of the family to our town.


An idea presented itself and the Board decided to leave the books in Germany and present them to the City of Glauchau as a token of our friendship.


I add the article / picture in the Glauchau newspaper showing Mayor Peter Dressler excepting the books from Thomas Schreiter honoring the 10th anniversary of relations with our 2nd Sister City.


Membership for 2017 is do at this time !

Single $ 35 , Family $ 45, Patron $ 100 , Donations are welcome

Sister City of Lynchburg-Plus  / Treasurer, P.O.Box 3104 , L. 24503


Always check out our web site for information

Thank you for being a loyal member !


Fondly, Angela  384-5186.                                         







 Picnic at the Szymczyks

Host Richard Szymczyk

Reception after Memorial Service
       for Frank BrittFrance and Rueil MalmaisonGermany and Glauchau