badge.png           Newsletter:  January - February 2017

Dear Members, 

Happy New Year !


Best wishes for a prosperous, healthy 2017 !


We ended the year 2016 with a joyful Christmas celebration at the beautiful decorated home of the Beverlys. A big thank you to our hosts !


On January 30th  we gathered for the General Assembly at the Old Court House and Museum and reflected on the past year. 30 members and guests enjoyed a great evening of camaraderie and information. Everyone was treated with a great buffet of appetizers and sweets.


In April we participated in the International Festival in Downtown Lynchburg. Besides the spring picnic in June, the Market Day in August, and the Christmas Party the most significant event was the visit of the firefighters from Glauchau / Germany. If you missed information about the activities, please feel free to look up the newsletter from October - November 2016 in the listing on the bottom of this page.


In the business part of the assembly the slate of the Board of Directors for 2017 was introduced and approved, election will be at the Board meeting on March 7th   and will stand as followed:


President    Bert Dodson                          Board of Directors

Vice-Pres.   Richard Szymczyk                Joanna Beverly

Secretary    Valeria Chambers                 Bill Bodine

Treasurer    Manfred Mibus                     Joyce Dixon

Liaison to Gauchau / Germany              Angela Mibus

Liaison To Rueil Malmaison / France    Françoise Watts                  

Welcoming new member                       Michaela Gabathuler


GLAUCHAU / Germany


On April 30th we can celebrate the 10th anniversary of our partnership with

the City of Glauchau.

The Lynchburg Firefighters have a standing invitation to Glauchau this year. May be the perfect time to have them visit and bring greetings to our Sister City in Germany. No word at this time about a date.

I am in contact with both sides of the interested parties.




We also recognized the 20th anniversary of the signing of the proclamation

with our French Sister City last October. An invitation was sent to Monsieur P. Ollier, Mayor of Ruiel Malmaison. His visit is anticipated for early May of this year. Francoise Watts is preparing a celebratory  event at that time.

We are very much looking forward to welcome the guests from France.


The September- October addition of the popular Lynchburg Living Magazine had a nice article by Suzanne Ramsey about our Lynchburg Sister City organization featuring Rueil Malmaison and Glauchau with lots of pictures. If you missed it, you might still find it on their web site.



Membership for 2017 is do at this time !


Single $ 35 , Family $ 45, Patron $ 100  (and anything above.)


Sister City of Lynchburg-Plus  / Treasurer, P.O.Box 3104 , L. 24503 


Thank you for being a loyal member !

Fondly, Angela  384-5186.








The Board of Directors 2017
J.Beverly, R. Szymzcyk, V.Chambers, Bert Dodson, A.& M.Mibus, J.Dixon, F.Watts, M.Gabathuler

Bert Dodson posing with the 
Lynchburg Living Magazine

Our active siblings
Joanna Beverly and Richard Szymzcyk

Angela Mibus reporting 
news concerning Glauchau

Welcome on the Board
Michaela Gabathuler, 
here with husband Urs